Exterior Painting

Of all the painting we do, painting the exterior of a home is by far the most challenging. When tackling an exterior there exists all the challenges that take place on the inside of your home. Along with these additional challenges are:

1. Determining whether the humidity is appropriate on the house surface.

2. Coordinating the painting of the walls of the house with where the sun is not going to be to ensure that painting will not take place in direct sun light.

3. Identifying paint failure and the causes for failure. (There are about a dozen reasons for paint failure; the most common are structural moisture and paint that was applied incorectly from a previous paint job, and most often a combination of both.)

4. Finally and most importantly is the protection of your gardens while we paint your home. Principal and Master Painter Chris Hoyt has a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Connecticut, and will use his horticultural knowledge in showing the utmost respect to your landscape while your home is painted.

When Visible Changes Painting takes on the painting of an exterior, we balance all of these challenges to give you the most structuraly sound, aesthetically beautiful job possible.